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Hello, my name is Dr. Carol Lomax. I am the founder and Director of Brilliant Beginnings Early Learning Center (Established 2006). Brilliant Beginnings is located in Pikesville Maryland, where I have worked for the past seventeen years. As a young child I always watched all the younger children in my family, the children always looked up to me and we played very well together, that was when I realized my passion for childcare.


Once I became an adult and had my own child, (Morgan Lomax) my only daughter, I noticed it was very hard to find good quality childcare that I could trust. I soon began thinking about opening a family home daycare, I was working a full-time job and having different family members caring for my infant daughter while I was working.


 In 1997 I decided to open a family home daycare in my home, I became a childcare professional in my home eight months later. My love for children had then become my full-time job. I worked as a family home provider for eight years. My love for children and the excellent care I provided was all over town to the point my house became too small to care for the number of children my loved ones and friends had.


After eight years of working at home, I opened my childcare center license to hold sixty-seven children. Over the years my love and plans to teach young children never wavered. There is an endless amount of joy caring for children daily. I feel beyond blessed to be able to work every day around young children and spread my love. I have always had a passion to teach young children. I was blessed with a gift that allows me to effectively communicate with children. 


The amount of patience and innovative thinking that goes into implementing lesson plans is required to make learning fun. I am confident I possess those qualities. It brings me joy to know that I am making a difference in a child’s life. For the last seventeen years I have been the owner and Director of my own center. It has given me the knowledge/ experience and the pleasure to recognize the first educational milestone of children’s lives.


It has been over 26 years and I ’ve chosen to hold this lifelong career because of the years of knowledge, schooling, patience, organization, and leadership I possess. I have great communication skills, which are needed to communicate effectively with students, parents, and staff. This has inspired me and supported my personal philosophy on individualized learning. 

To find the perfect recipe you have to find the perfect ingredients, "Developing Brilliance in Young Minds."


Dr.Carol Lomax

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